Sunday 22 March 2015

#InternationalDayOfHappiness : Simple things matter most

Day before yesterday the world celebrated the International Day of Happiness on 20th March. 

In today's world filled with hatred, terrorism and race riots, the International Day of Happiness assumes a significant meaning. In our otherwise spiteful and hateful life we have something to cheer about.
#InternationalDayOfHappiness : Simple things matter most

International Day of Happiness was promulgated by the United Nations General Assembly which said that the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental goal for humanity and the International Day of Happiness provides the people for a more inclusive, balanced and equitable approach to growth. It also asks us to celebrate the International Day of Happiness through appropriate manner including education and public awareness.

Here is my part to create awareness among the public about what happiness really is.  I am a person of solitude and I appreciate privacy very much so there are a very few things I can do in the open to get happiness. 

The first of the little things that provides me with umpteen happiness is just going to the beach or sea shore and feeling the ocean winds against my face. The beautiful symphony created by the ocean waves along with the winds just creates a beautiful heaven for me. 

The second of the little things I enjoy is really little bit wacky. I enjoy watching plants and animals. I sit for hours watching a ant wind its ways to the myriad lanes of my house. It is fascinating watching them work so heart oblivious to the fact that another  being from their planet who is around million times bigger than them, watching them. Sometimes I wonder if they know I am watching them and communicate with themselves about it.

The third thing which gives me utmost happiness is my morning coffee. Not any coffee but the filtered coffee variety found in South India. After staying awake through the late nights working on the blog and waking in the morning to the aroma of the filtered coffee is just heavenly. It is a fact that till the time I have a full mug of filtered coffee in my stomach I dont feel awake. The added incentive of having the coffee is that it starts my day in a very happy mood.

The fourth thing which makes me happy is reading the newspapers part. In todays world when everything is available online, newspaper reading may sound ancient but it has its own charm. Reading the paper, educating myself and being able to make some meaningful contribution to the society is one of my dreams as I feel that newspapers across India have the power to form opinion. I feel that if papers can generate positive opinion about our country, our culture, our Indianness we may see prosperity very soon. Sadly our newspapers are missing the trick here.

The fifth and the final thing which makes me happy is watching the analytics of my blog. I know it may sound ludicrous but watching so many people reading my blog gives me a high everytime I open the Google Analytics. 

Imagining that somewhere in some corner of the world someone is reading my blog and I am able to provide that person with some knowledge is a feeling that can make anyone tippy.

As I told you, things which can make me happy are really small and doable in everyday life. These things make me start and end my day with a positive frame of mind. With these small things we can make a better world, a better tomorrow for our generation, so lets celebrate the spirit of the day with Coca Cola International Day of Happiness.

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