Friday 6 March 2015

Dry Baby is truly a “Happy Baby” and “New Pampers Baby Dry Pants” made it possible.

It was the most hectic and longest day of the week and I was trying to reach home as soon as possible just to be with my baby. As soon the doorbell rang, I could hear small chuckles from the other side of the door and yes, my baby was in the best of her moods. She was so happy to see mummy that she crawled like a spider man who wanted to sprang on me. I enquired about her mood with my mother in law and she gave me a thumb up. You must be wondering what’s so new, a baby will always be happy to see mom after an entire day. However, let me tell you my poor kid was not like this a few months back. 

As soon as my baby turned 4 months she started becoming very cranky. She used to be always irritated; initially we thought it was her urge for food as I had joined office so we chalked out a chart in such a manner that at regular intervals the child is fed. 

This made a difference however it was seen again that baby was constantly in bad moods due to soiled nappies. The ones which we used earlier were leak proof and boasted of providing dryness which was only on the outer side however did not have a proper absorbency, this made her feel very uncomfortable and was the reason for her tantrums. 

Then one of my relatives suggested I use “New Pampers Baby Dry Pants” as it has an advanced technology wherein the  Magic Gel locks the moisture ensuring baby’s skin remains dry and healthy for up to 12 hours. Me and my husband decided to try out the new nappies for our dear baby and since then we have been using only “New Pampers Baby Dry Pants.”

You should see how she enjoys the small toys which make “pee poon” sound. As she is growing she has learnt the technique of squeezing the toys and making that sound and then she proudly looks at you to make sure you have seen her effort. Take her for a stroll and show the moon on a Full moon day and now whenever anyone takes her for her evening stroll she will point out to the sky as if she is showing us the moon, such innocence. 

Watching the flock of birds is her favorite game which brings smile on her cute face. 

However, these amongst many other thing which make her happy, stands true only because of the dryness which she feels all the day along thanks to “New Pampers Baby Dry Pants”, which I recommend to all the moms who want to enjoy the best moments of their lives with their babies who are in a good mood.

You can watch the video below to see how a Dry Baby is a very very Happy Baby

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