Wednesday 18 March 2015

#ChooseToStart Life; It seems much easier and enjoyable with my first smartphone……my Moto E

“Tring” “Tring” “Tring” the bell was ringing continuously, my husband unwillingly opened the door as he was watching his favorite cricket match on the television set and there stood the Flipkart person with a package in his hand and my husband took the parcel by making the payment. 

I started to continue my work and there he came just behind me and showed me my new phone:  Moto E 2nd Generation which was released last week.  I was surprised, well I had been using a simple non Android phone for past 10 years and I do have computer at home so access to Facebook and Email was never an issue hence spending a huge amount of money on an Android smartphone was something which I did not favor. 

However, when my husband told me the phone has all the latest features of an Android phone and that too at a rate of Rs 6999/- I was just stunned.

This was a 3G supported smartphone with Android 5.0 Lollipop and my husband taught me how to use the various features. Now, for a person who has never bothered to use an Android smartphone this phone was all “Greek” to me,  however I liked the colorful big screen, camera and the WhatsApp features the most. 

Within a matter of 24 hours I was able to connect to entire world and all my long lost friends suddenly seemed to be live and talking to me via the WhatsApp  chats. The phone has something called “Quick capture” which can click photos even when a person moves, awesome isn’t it! One more thing, you can just jerk your hand and click photos, my kid just loves to click the photo due to this feature. 

The 5 MP rear camera and the front VGA camera was put to use by my small kid and I had almost 100 photos in my camera, my little one also taught me how to click my selfie, yeah he is a smart hi-tech kid. Thanks to the good storage capacity of the phone. It took me almost a couple of days to understand its working and must say the phone is very user friendly even for first time users.

Well, Motorola has been very thoughtful as the battery which they have provided works for long hours almost a day with single charge. Moto E also provides quick notifications so now I do not have to remember the bill and fees payments and I use this feature for my benefit to remind me regarding the project submission dates and PTA meetings at my kid’s school. 

One more feature which I liked was when the Google voice search rapidly gave me umpteen recipes to suffice for an entire month! For all moms, now it is much easier to answer all the tough questions which kids usually ask, I use the Google voice search and lo and behold I get the answers. 

You know what I am really enjoying this smartphone life with my Moto E, I really thank Motorola for launching  a product which is easy on the pockets of common people so that everyone gets a chance to use internet in the day to day life and to make the most of it.

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