Sunday 15 February 2015

#UnconditionalLove with the Zenfone, who looks more beautiful my Valentine or Asus Zenfone

With the onslaught of gifts on valentine's day, I was left bare of choices.  While pondering over what I should give my better half I hit on a magic idea thanks to Indiblogger and Asus.  Why not gift a Asus Zenfone to my love. 

As I am a prudent buyer of gifts, I did some research as to why a Asus Zenfone would be a smart choice.  With so many phones out there in the market, its a tough choice to decide which one to gift. Today, we're gonna make a case for the Asus Zenfone. Following are listed reasons as to why I bought a Asus Zenfone for my Valentine and why you should too!

The five reasons that flipped my Valentines heart over Asus Zenfone are

  • Amazing Looks
  • Amazing Battery Life
  • Intel Inside
  • Price
  • Hardware
We will now reverse into checking the details above :

5. Hardware
The most important component of a phone, according to me is the hardware that is inside the device. You get many phones that look fantastic, but will struggle to even handle the basic tasks. The Asus Zenfone line, hits that sweet spot in performance. With this series, Asus has managed to deliver where it counts. The most notable being, the camera and the RAM. 

For a girl, the most important aspect is an amazing camera. WIth 8 megapixels at the back, supported by a 2 MP selfie front camera, this phone has that base covered. It also comes with an LED flash to ensure adequate lighting even in darker surroundings. For a guy, the most important will be apps. No guy will be satisfied if he cannot run multiple apps on his phone at the same time. The 2 GB of RAM will ensure the phone can handle any number of apps or games that you can throw at it. 2 GB RAM was considered the luxury of high end phones, Asus has hit a masterstroke in bringing it to this price point.

4. Price
Speaking of which, these devices are priced to be pocket friendly. You will not have to spend a bomb to impress your better half, nor will they feel that you have spent too much. Keeping that in mind, this phone does not compromise on performance while reducing the price bracket; something I've already spoken about above.

3. Intel Inside
No one in their right mind will say no to a product that has an Intel Processor. Whether your valentine is tech savvy or not, an Intel equipped smartphone will make a lasting impression. Intel is synonymous with performance, and this phone guarantees that. It might be limited to being dual core, but to its credit, it uses multi-threading technology, something that no other range of smartphone can dare boast about - not even the iPhone. Intel has brought its laptop grade performance into smartphones and mind you, these devices are no cut down version.

2. Amazing Battery Life
Is there a point in buying a phone that makes you charge it every few hours? While most devices (iPhone included) boast about their long lasting 8 hours of battery life, the 18 hours battery life of a Zenfone will make your valentine's jaw drop in awe. With the hi-powered battery me and my Valentine could keep chatting through the night using Asus Zenfone. Using Intel has greatly boosted the phone's battery life alongside its performance levels. This is such a huge point that I have marked it at no. 2. With battery life, no phone is worth buying. 

1. Amazing Looks
Despite all the prowess of your device, it is useless if it does not make you look at it. The value of a good looking phone cannot be emphasized enough and that shows by the marking of this point at the no. 1 spot. With the phone ticking every other parameter it has ensured it also ticks the looks checkbox. When you gift your valentine this device, it is bound to get a sigh of awe from them.

So only my Valentine is more beautiful than Asus Zenfone, or is it reverse :P Hope she doesnt read the heading of this post or the last line.

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