Wednesday 19 November 2014

Ignite the feelings, Become Human again and #BringBackTheTouch

In today's life, we are busy living life in the fast lane. To earn money, we leave our lives to go far away and work, leaving behind family, friends and loved ones. Even if we don't, our jobs demand us to be connected 24*7. And with today's technology, no one can imagine being cut off from the world even for 5 minutes. Ever imagined what happens to our relationships when we're busy in the fast lane ?

Relationships do not update themselves like technology. They can't be bought, they need to be earned rather garnered. While we are busy giving our time to our careers, we forget that our love life needs the same effort. Over the years as we settle into a relationship, with our girlfriends/boyfriends/spouses, why does it happen that we start taking our better halves for granted ? Why do we start ignoring them for our work ? Most people claim to be working hard at their respective jobs to make the lives of their loved ones easier. Then why do we ignore these same loved one and make their lives harder....

Remember the days when you first met your would be wife/girlfriend. Its a memory of bliss in your mind. Can you remember the joy of those days ? You couldn't care less about anything else in the world. You would probably jump in glee and run to meet them the first opportunity you got. You would spend day after day with them and never get bored. Why cant't we relieve those moments once in a while?

We give 8 hours everyday to our jobs. We should in hindsight, give at least an hour everyday to our loved ones. Imagine yourself in a situation where your girlfriend constantly gives excuses to not being able to spend time with you. No one would like to be in that position. All of us like attention, especially form the ones we care so deeply about. And these are the people in our lives who deserve it the most. More than your bosses and collegues.

This is an article you remind us of the importance of touch in our lives. A simple hug, a peck on the cheek, a warm press of your hands go a long way in telling someone how much you love them. We dont't need grand gestures to profess our love, the simple things make much more difference. A husband coming home and going straight to his wife to hug her - will mean a lot to your wife, especially in the days that you cannot spare time. If you have a kid who rushes to your side the minute you step in, lift him up in your arms and go straight to your wife. Seeing the love between his parents will strengthen the kid's love and affection for you as well. Here's hoping you re-kindle that spark in your relationship.....

You can rekindle your feelings and #BringBackTheTouch, just watch the video below and start feeling human again in this insane mad, running world

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