Wednesday 15 October 2014

$50.00 (Rs.3000.00) Anonabox portable device to provide both anonymity and privacy via TOR Anonymisor network

$50.00 (Rs.3000.00) Anonabox portable device to provide both anonymity and privacy via TOR 

Anonabox is a portable network device that sits between computer and router to anonymize browsing  and offer maximum privacy to the user via the Tor network has reached its Kickstarter fundraising goal just days after hitting the crowdfunding platform.
$50.00 (Rs.3000.00) Anonabox portable device to provide both anonymity and privacy via TOR Anonymisor network

Anonabox is a $50.00 (Rs.3000.00) open source router which directs any wired or WiFi traffic that goes through it via the Tor networks, had a 30 day funding target of $7,500.00. At the time of writing, and with 28 days to go until funding closes, the device has racked up a staggering $255,471.00 making it one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns of late.

The current $51.00 version has been developed after a series of four prototypes costing between $200 and $400 for parts and will be shipped to the Kickstarter backers by January 2015.

Anonabox is small, as Wired states, its small enough to hide two in a packet of cigarettes – makes it a deliberately portable solution, ensuring it is especially handy for people wanting to browse the web freely in more oppressive countries and also making carrying it between two places more easier.

Wired has also stated that Anonabox is “intended for users in other countries where Tor’s anti-censorship and privacy properties can help shield activists and journalists.” 
Its tiny size is intended for “easy concealment” and its smooth sides means it can even be “stowed in a bodily orifice”. It’s even been built for easy disposal should things take a turn for the worse, as August Germar, one of the designers, told Wired: “Maybe it’s too late and the police are already downstairs, so you smash the box with a brick and throw the pieces out the window. Or maybe you just crush it by stepping on it with your shoe and flush the pieces down the toilet.”
While a Tor connection makes anonymous browsing possible, there are many methods of spying even on Tor browsers like keyloggers or backdoors.  The Anonabox will eliminate all these dangers as will act as a perfect firewall between the user and the Tor which is further concealed in onion like layers of anonymity. 

Micah Lee, who develops on Tor related projects told Wired that he would recommend the Tor browser on top of any plug and play Tor router such as this to avoid browser fingerprinting from other browsers on the same computer, while deselecting the ‘transparent torification’ setting in the Tor browser to prevent doubling the Tor routing, slowing connection speeds.

You can watch a video of Anonabox promo below :

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  1. I think this hub is not so innovative for 2014th year.
    Maybe if it were 2004 it was like technological breakthrough.


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