Saturday 5 July 2014

My Zenfone with Intel Inside, my super mobile dream to beam up Idli Sambar and send it to Ranjith in Noida

Being a tech writer is fun, you get to know new tech gadgets before anyone does, stay in loop with whats happening in the techworld and best of all, get to use the latest tech gadgets in order to review them.  I have done many reviews  of many smart phones and tablets but now I have been asked a strange question!  I have been asked that if the mobile manufacturer gives me unlimited processing power in my tablet phone what will I do?   

My Zenfone with Intel Inside, my super mobile dream to beam up Idli Sambar and send it to Ranjith in Noida

Processing power is not just about running Apps, games or watching, editing movies and photographs.  Processing power is the core of a smart phone or tablet.  Its like the brain of the device like that we have on the top of our head. But processors are machines which run on logic where our brains can do pretty illogical things. But with the development of technology, specially nano technology, the day is not far when we can say 'Beam Me Up, Scotty' like Captain Kirk did  in the Star Trek of yore.   Only in this case we will tell our mobile device to tell what Captain Kirk told Scotty.  Only in this case the destination will be of our choice and the tablet phone will teleport us to that destination.  This may be a bit far off in the future but it will surely happen one day.

My Zenfone with Intel Inside, my super mobile dream to beam up Idli Sambar and send it to Ranjith in NoidaMy Zenfone with Intel Inside, my super mobile dream to beam up Idli Sambar and send it to Ranjith in Noida

Teleporting humans is too far, but if I was given a super powered tablet phone, I did work on the project of teleporting food stuff.  I did write a code for the super mobile to reduce the food set in front of a type of scanner to reduce it tiny molecules and transfer these very molecules to the person having a similar super mobile.  He/she will receive these food molecules via the communication satellites to the supermobile just like we receive a mail in our Gmail inbox.  If he/she is hungry or likes the food I have sent via this teleport they can download it.  The molecules with then reform into the food stuff I originally sent and the person can have it.

This App will require mobile phone with quite a super power to perform but the end result is just as fascinating.  Imagine a hungry person 12000 kms away in a country like Ethopia and imagine we are having a Fat Indian Wedding where the food wastage is huge.  I can just scan the left over food and teleport it to the hungry person in Ethiopia.  With this kind of mobile, there will be no famines, no hungry people and world will become a much happier place.  

Is this possible? Yes it is.  Remember the days when there were no mobile phones or faxes.  Any tech writer arguing about us talking to anybody using a tech gadget without wires while walking, eating or doing anything was taken for a fool.  Same ways for FAX.  Imagine someone writing about a gadget which could send a physical copy of a letter 10000s of kms away without leaving the comforts of his/her home.  That tech writer was taken for a retarded soul in those days.

Once I develop such kind of a code with the use of the super mobile processing power, it would require testing.  For testing, I would send a plate of Idli Sambar to my friend working right now in Noida.  The lad from Hyderabad is just lusting for a decent South Indian meal.  If my test is successful, Ranjith will have his idli sambar and I will have successfully made an attempt to eradicate hunger from Planet Earth.  

This is what I would do if I had a Super Phone!  This would not only wipe out tears from millions of humans who die due to hunger every day, it would also wipe out the scourge of malnutrition form the face of the earth.

This post has been written for Zenfone with Intel Inside.  You can register your self today and get a chance to win the superb Zenfone for free.  Simply visit Asus website here and sign up today.

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  1. Eagerly waiting for the idli sambhar :-) :p

  2. Food transferred to hungry mouths is such a noble idea!
    Wish this is done soon, Vijay...
    Best wishes :)

  3. (h) Lovely post VP! You can test it on me too :P


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