Saturday 21 June 2014

OLX Mobile App, a fun way to buy/sell/rent your house, cars and other products now available for all smart phones

You may have heard the slogan "OLX Pe Bech Do" and "Sab Kuch Bik Ta Hai" and wondered what it is all about, here is a chance to find out.  OLX is a free classifieds site for Indians where you can post your product, both new and used, and get buyers directly. The transaction happens seamlessly without any extra third party charges due to rugged platform that OLX provides.  Till recently the Nasper funded OLX was operating from a online site but as it gained traction and popularity and due to demands of its users, it has launched its own OLX App for mobile for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Amazon products.  

OLX Mobile App, a fun way to buy/sell/rent your house, cars and other products now available for all smart phones

Imagine a case where you need to move to a new city for a job or a internship/education.  Once you decide to move you need a rented accommodation, searching for which is often a big pain both resource wise and money wise.  Searching on Google often leads you to classifieds which require your email ids and often flood them with 'Spam'.  In times like these, the OLX App is a god sent favour. You just have to download the App and sign up and enter the requisite accommodation and the required city in the search field and OLX will show up the results based on your preference, budget and lifestyle.  Ditto in case of buying a new house, the OLX gives you the information and details of the house, area etc without leaving the comfort of your bedroom.  

In another case, you want to rent a car for a day for a sojourn to a city, receiving guests or the biggest day of your life, your wedding. OLX offers perfect results for the type of car rentals you would be requiring along with the cost involved to help you make the best choice.  Vacations are another of our needs in this life which is filled with monotonous routine. Making rounds of different travel agencies is now a thing of the past thanks to the OLX mobile App.

The OLX mobile App helps other way around also.  If you have a room to offer on rent or for sale you just have to click a picture via the built in camera button in the App, add a brief description of the house you are offering,  give a estimate of price you want to charge, provide your contact information and voila, your ad will now start appearing on OLX App.  You can use the App same way to sell/rent your vehicle or pretty much anything under the sky.  

OLX mobile App has a option to “share” your ad with your Facebook friends and/or fan pages getting maximum coverage and immediate response. With this OLX app it is not necessary to share the location coordinates, but adding the location makes it easier for the buyer to make the perfect choice.  This can easily done through the maps’ integration within the app. 

The advantage of downloading a OLX mobile App over the mobile site is that the OLX App is a native App which allows it to use the mobile API for your ease.  For e.g. you can simply click the image of the product you intend to sell from within the App and the image instantly appears on the OLX site.  iOS users can also be a part of the growing OLX community through  OLX App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

If you thought that OLX was just popular in India through its OLX.in portal give it a rest, OLX has built up formidable positions in multiple markets including Brazil, India, Portugal and Pakistan., however India has been a standout among all markets. OLX pioneered in creating the consumer-to-consumer (C2C) selling market segment in India.  The C2C segment didn't exist prior to OLX's entry and gives the Indian buyers and sellers a broker/third party free option to buy and sell their products.

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