Monday 7 April 2014

Breaking record, first PAID fake Android App 'Virus Shield' downloaded 10000 times

Google Play is well known for its free fake Apps like the BBM messengers which cropped up post the BlackBerry's announcement to launch its messenger for Android Smart phones.  But paid App being downloaded, well you have gotta be kidding.  

Android users are a security conscious lot and when as soon as somebody shouts malware they are first to react.  Rightly so, because Android malware are the next big thing in this world after Windows viruses.  But to download a dud App for $3.99 or roughly 240.00 is just crap.  A security App going by the name of Virus Shield which cost $3.99 to download was launched on 28th March 2014. Since then it has been downloaded 25000 times.

Breaking record, first PAID fake Android App 'Virus Shield' downloaded 10000 times

Not only that it has been recommended by 1659 users and plussed 2607 times on Google Plus.  It has been given a 4.7 star rating by reviewers.

Breaking record, first PAID fake Android App 'Virus Shield' downloaded 10000 times

Virus Shield was marketed by its publishers as an antivirus that claims to "protect you and your personal information from harmful viruses, malware, and spyware" and also "Improve the speed of your phone," which it does with just a click.  Among other features it gave Google Play, it claims to have least effect on battery, run in the background, and in addition to provide all these features, it also acts as ad-block software that will stop those "pesky advertisements." 

This dud App has already made its publishers $40000.00 (Rs.24.00 lacs) and on top of it, it cant even scan or deduct any security threat.  

Top Android blog, Android Police has discovered that the app only changes a red "X" graphic to a red "check" graphic, that’s it, nothing less or more.  The virus shield antivirus app is a total scam and it doesn't scan or secure your device, which means thousands of users have been scammed out of their money.

As per Android Police, the creator of this dud scam App (email : Jesse_Carter@live.com) has been tracked down by the investigators and it was found out that he is a well known scammer. He has in the past been accused and banned from many forums for scamming people.

AndroidPolice has put up a decompiled version of the App here and mirrored the java code on GitHub.  As of now Google as removed the App from its Play Store.

Android users are requested to kindly download games and Apps only from trusted and well reviewed publishers. 

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