Sunday 1 December 2013

The amazing journey of Google's Android operating system. Enter the colourful world of Android devices

Colourful world of Android devices

7 years back in month of October 2007, Google launched its Android operating system and the very first Android smart phone was launched in October of 2008. The first device to feature the Android OS was the HTC Dream.  At that time, the world was caught in the Nokia and Symbian frenzy and hardly anybody noticed the launch. 
The amazing journey of Google's Android operating system.  Enter the colourful world of Android devices

But Google had other plans for Android.  In 2009 Google launched the very first version of Android 1.5.  It also started the practise of naming the Android versions after desserts.  The Android 1.5 was known 'Cup Cake'.

The rest they say is history.  From 2009 to 2013, from then up until now the Android has been so successful that Google have successfully rolled out its 9 version.  In a departure from the tradition, Google as named the most recent launch as  'Kitkat' after the Nestle and Hershey's KIKKAT Chocolate Candy.

All through these years, Android not only was successful in mobile phones and tablet, but also slowly making its way into Camera, Lap Tops, watches, Television, Microwave etc.  Here is a brief look at the convergence that is taking place in the technology space vis-a-vis the Android operating system.

1. Smart Digital Camera: with the success of Google's Android operating system and the popularity, camera manufacturers finally brought the operating in use in smart digital cameras.  A few of them are listed below :
Nikon's CoolPix S800C, is a 16 megapixel camera with 10x optical zoom. working on android 2.3. the camera supports Google Play and can be used to download photo editing apps supported by Android devices.
The smartphone giant Samsung also have Galaxy series camera with 16 megapixel, and 1.4 ghz quadcore processor. the device works on android 4.1 jelly bean. smart digital camera have almost every features that are included in smart phones. you can also share the photo by sending it to your Facebook or Twitter accounts. 

2. Smart Microwave: Yes, its all true, your very lovable Android is running microwaves too. Smart microwaves are one of the most interesting android devices I heard off.   A smart micro wave will do all the work that a normal microwave s capable of and in addition to these you can connect smart microwave to internet and can download receipes. with active voice command in smart microwave, it can help you with voice assistant to read the ingredients of food and how to cook it. some of these smart microwaves also enables users to download and play videos related to cooking.

3. Smart Refigerators: Yes you can buy android smart refrigerators from market. and your refrigerator can stay connected with world wide web while it is placed in your kitchen or dining.  Samsung the leading electrical and electronic appliance maker is one of the manufacturer that have brought the smart refrigrators to market. Most of these smart refrigerators is having a small LCD screen on the front and will be Wi-Fi enabled which helps it to stay connected with  internet. You can keep watching weather forecast. news, your calender, social network updates from Twitter and Facebook Picassa photo albums and much more all within confines of your refrigerator.

4.Smart watch: I guess some of you must already purchased a Android smart watch.  The smart watch technology is supposed to the next in thing in the world of tech.  The first one was launched by Sony, with the name of smart view while the most recent one was launched by Samsung named as Galaxy Gear. This smart watch acts as a extension of your galaxy smart phone and has almost all features that are enabled in your smart phone. and the best part is you have a gadget that looks like the ones used by spies :).

5. Smart media player and music system: Most of the music lovers still loves to have one media player in addition to their smartphones that surely can do greater works than their ordinary Media Player or Boom Box.  As of now many of the media device manufacturers are working Android OS to their devices. Phillips Go Gear Connect and Samsung Galaxy Music Players 5.0 are some of the Android enabled media players available in the market. Most of these media devices not only have audio capabilities but also are inbuilt with video features.

Phillips Go Gear Connect runs on Android 2.3 Ginger Bread OS with 3.2 inch display. The Go Gear is Wi-Fi enabled so you can stay connected with internet.  It also allows you to Google Play Store to download Music. You can also access your favourite social media networks as well as access thousands of online sites offering free  media downloads.

6. Smart robots: In future robots will be enabled to work on with your Android devices with accessing some of the Android Apps. Robot developers inspired from Google Bug Droid have developed a robot name 'Baro', which works on android operating system and can be controlled by Android devices by downloading the suitable Apps made to control it. 'Baro' is a open source robot which is built with 2 infrared transmitter which help it to act as a navigation expert.  

7: PhoneSat: yep thats a satellite. NASA have recently sent three smart phone satellites in space which is named as PhoneSats. These nano satellites are inbuilt with HTC Nexus One and Samsung Nexus S both of which work on the Android operating system.  The PhoneSat does not have  the calling and messaging features.  Both of these smartphones are fitted in a square box which acts as a computer connected to the satellite. The sensors enabled in the satellite are used to measure the distances and take photographs from different reasons of our Planet Earth. These smart phones have also added radio transmitter facilities to the PhoneSat to send and receive instructions.

These are only a few of examples that work on Android Operating System. But the day isnt far when Google's Android will be running probably all the devices in our day to day  life including  medical infrastructures, military, space projects, electrical and electronic appliances, glasses and much more.

This guest post has been written by Abhishek Kumar who is a Security Analyst and works on various ethical hacking practices and is the CEO and founder of  Techworm.  Every once in a while he uses his Android device to make a call!!

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  1. Good post about the history and future of Android OS and devices. I find this article unique for it's content and it's difficult to find one compiled like this on web.

    It highlights some interesting facts about android. I mean Google is certainly trying to take control of the world. Already on the web it is boss and now on actual world also.

    I don't know what would happen when "GLASS" becomes a mass gadget ! Revolution perhaps !


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