Thursday 7 November 2013

5 tips to save and conserve your new Apple iPad Air battery, one of them will work for sure

If you have purchased the latest offering from Apple the iPad Air, I am pretty certain you are still playing around with it. If you are not showing it off to your friend and loved ones, you yourself are fiddling with it 24 x 7.  Yes it does have that neverputdownable feel about it with the latest iOS 7 and the new A7 processor.  The themes, the Apps, the Games, everything on your iPad Air is mouth wateringly tempting to put down.  
5 tips to save and conserve your new Apple iPad Air battery, one of them will work for sure

But sooner or later you are back in business when the novelty or the newness of the iPad Air wears off, you have to get to the serious business of saving your battery.  Below are 5 easy and simple tricks to save/conserve your iPad Air Battery.

1. Keep only the Apps you use regularly, open and alive.  You can quit the power hungry apps and reopen them to use only when you require them.  All you have to do is to double click on the 'Home Button' to open the multitasking window which will show you all the Apps that are live at the moment.  You have to hold your fingers on the App you want to close and fling it across to close it.  Some of the power hungry Apps are Skype, Pandora, TomTom etc.

2. Every once in a month drain the entire iPad Air battery.   You can do this by continuously running the iPad Air till the battery juice is completely dry and the iPad Air switches itself off.  Once you have drained it, recharge it to full.  This will recalibrate your iPad Air battery as well as indicator, which will give you actual readings of the battery.

3. Every week or so restart or reset your iPad Air.  It so happens that some of the processes may not have been killed even if you have shut the App or the game.  Restarting the iPad Air will fix all those hanging processes.  To switch of your iPad Air just hold the Sleep/Wake button till you get a red slider. Slide your fingers across the slide and your iPad Air will switch off. To restart, just press the Sleep/Wake button till a Apple logo appears. Periodically visit the Apple Store for any updates from Apple.  It so happens that new products from Apple have this typical battery drain problem.  You may have noticed it during iOS 6 launch a year back.  This problems are fixed by Apple engineers from time to time.  So dont be a scientist and visit Apple store to update your iPad Air software for fixes.

4.  Always check the radio signals.  Remember a low signal makes the radios located in your iPad to work harder thereby drawing more juice.  If you are low you a particular signal try to switch to another one.  For example if you are low on LTE signal shift to 3G signal and vice versa.  If you have absolutely no signal better switch to Airplane mode because wasting battery for signal hunting will not do you any good. 

5. Last but not the least if any of above doesnt solve your problems, restore your iPad Air.  You can do this either by restoring it from a backup or by a clean install.  Restoring it from backup may often carry forwards any software bugs or glitches you may have backed up.  A clean installation will remove all your bookmarks, saved games etc. You can go for whatever you prefer as long as it serves your purpose.   

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