Tuesday 3 September 2013

State Bank of India online portal onlinesbi.com down since yesterday

In a event that is causing lot of hardships to thousands of Indians who use online banking for day to day transactions, India's largest bank seems to be having some problems with its server.  Yes, website of State Bank of India the India's largest banker and treasurer of states of India is down since yesterday.

However there is no news about what actually has happened.  The website onlinesbi.com if clicked keeps searching for network.  This has caused a lot of problems for people who rely on online banking for their day to day transactions.  The image below is from the isitdownrightnow.com which monitors websites that are down :

You will notice from the image that it was down at 22.11 hours yesterday and 02.13 hours today.  Looks like SBI is facing some serious network issues. A satisfactory reply is awaited from SBI management regarding the same.

Please post in your comments if you have faced similar problems.

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  1. :-t
    yes this is very pathetic....

  2. It's Really sad, I need to transfer money, But this site not opening.
    Really bad

  3. I am checking for the reasons behind the SBI being down, havent yet received any satisfactory reply. I have contacted the higher authorities at SBI and awaiting their reply. Will post any update I get.

    Vijay Prabhu

  4. Same prob with me...:(

  5. same problem for me too. SBI website not opening for past 2 days. Why they havent given a notice or information to its customers via an email atleast that the service is having a problem and is expected to be restored at a particular point of time. The customer service needs real improvement. :(

  6. Replies
    1. Yep Amar they are using obsolete machines :o

  7. We don't expect this from a reputed bank, at least they could send an email to all customers with the latest updates. We are NRE's and totally depend on online banking....

  8. When I reported this same issue to +91-8026599990 , they are not in a position hear the issue, they are suggesting other alternatives to check browsers and int. speed like that, I hope it needs immediate attention, there is no platform to escalate this type of issues
    One most funny answer from customer care is "you better to contact with home branch"
    Sbi managemant should know how to educate their staff to resolve any issue if they want to be better position

  9. yes... I am not getting onlinesbi for last few hours .. No server available to handle this request

  10. since yesterday afternoon onward i tried to open sbi website it didnt show any warning or problem of not working.People how to trust banking if goes like that yesterday itself we are suffering for make transaction.

  11. Totally Dissapointed... The response "CONTACT THE HOME BRANCH" is epic.. :D :d

  12. yes this is annoying. what are the tech people of sbi doing?
    no greivance, no regret, no information, nothing.

  13. This is the second time i am facing such issue.. Its really annoying.. Please take necessary actions asap.

  14. I am a senior citizen and rely 100% in online SBI for my transactions.
    The cruel part is SBI has NOT INFORMED by E-mail to its customers.
    What is happening?

  15. :-?
    Something terrible happened !!!

  16. same issue here :(... i tried after 12am yesterday so thought it was down time maybe as sometimes they do updates during later hours... air india == onlineSBI.com !


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