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Ramzan (Ramadaan) Apps for Muslim Prayer timings for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry

The holy month of Ramzan or Ramadan has started and I wish all my readers a pious Ramazan.  On this auspicious occasion I am listing various Apps for Android, iOS and other phones. Click on the App name to download.  
Ramzan (Ramadaan) Apps for Muslim Prayer timings for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry

Android Apps :

Salatuk : Salatuk app indicates you the Prayer timing, the Mosques near you and the Qibla (Qaaba) direction wherever you are .  The Salatuk algorithm supports a large Prayer calculation methods adopted by many Muslim countries. Depending on your location, the application choose the appropriate calculation method, Fiqhi school and Adhan.  However, if you want, you can also change the prayer method manually in the "Settings" tab. For an accurate localization, you must ensure that your location settings and your Internet connection or your GPS are enabled.

Prayer timesAccurate and exact Salat:
- Shows the times for the Fajr, Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib et Isha.
A quick and easy selection of the city:
- Select your city manually amongst a list of 6 000 000 in 251 countries, or be located automatically thanks to your integrated GPS.
- Memorize your favorite cities to know their prayer times.
Configurable Calculation of the timetable:
- Several methods of calculation for the prayer time (Fajr and Isha) : Egyptian General Authority of Survey (EGAS), Islamic society of North America (ISNA), Shia Ithna Ashari (Jafari), Université of Islamic Sciences (Karachi), Umm al-Qura (Makkah), Muslim World League (MWL), geophysics institute (University of Tehran), Union of Islamic Organizations of France (UOIF).

Bangladesh Prayer Time : Islamic Prayer (namaz / salat) times and Qiblah direction finder for Bangladesh cities. This app provides prayer times and find the direction to the Qiblah wherever you are in Bangladesh.  You will be able to get prayer times at your location by using your phone's geoloaction feature. Alternatively, you will be able to search by a place name.
Qiblah direction is shown on a compass on your android.
Sehri and Iftar times are also shown during Holy Ramadan.

Malaysia Prayer Time : Malaysia Prayer Times reminds you when the next prayer is due, allows you the search nearby mosques, and determine the qibla from your phone.
- Automatically downloads the prayer time for the current location
- Shows the direction of the qibla
- Lists the nearby surau and mosques
- Prayer notification and reminder
- Display the downloaded prayer time without internet connection
- Next prayer time on lock screen (Requires Android 4.2+ and DashClock to be installed)

iOS Apps

Prayer Times : Same features as the Android App.  

Islamic Compass free prayer time and Adhan alarm : ➤ ISLAMIC PRAYER TIMES CALCULATION
using the GPS positioning of the iPhone. (Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib,Isha) 

and there are no restrictions to a list of cities. 

integrated in beautiful compass. (iPhone 4 & 3Gs only, other devices will support manual positioning) 

for all future prayer times using iOS 4 local notifications. 

(standard alarm length is limited to 30 seconds, get full adhan by one click!). 

time zone and date language detection. 

for all future prayer times to plan weeks in front. 

prayer times interface. Slide the prayer times screen to browse through unlimited dates. 

Islam for iPhone : - Automatic prayer time detection for your current location
- Next prayer time displayed on your in-app dashboard
- Set notifications for upcoming prayers
- Compass pointing you in the direction of Makkah
- Full Qu'ran with English Translations
- 114 Surah's & 6236 Ayats of the Qu'ran
- 99 Names of Allah (SWT)

SalahForFalah : SalahForFalah is a simple and convenient tool for Muslims to determine prayer timings and Qiblah direction* from their current location. The user-interface is designed to be unobtrusive and without distractions, so the focus remains on prayer timing and direction.

Wherever** they are, SalahForFalah automatically determines the location of users and calculates the prayer timings, based on the preferences set. It then guides the users to rotate the mobile device until it aligns itself with the direction of the Qiblah at their location.

A user-friendly color-coded compass ring indicates how far away is the device from the direction of the Qiblah. Further away is indicated by dark grey, while the color fades into shades of Green as the device is rotated to point to the Qiblah. The color-coded ring then becomes bright Green to indicate a lock-on with the Qiblah direction.

Windows Phone Apps :

Athan :  - Prayer times for hundred of cities world wide along with timely reminders wherever you are
- Contact info and directions to nearby mosques
- Accurate Qibla directions

My Pray Pal : his application calculates muslim prayer times and provides accurate qibla direction for prayers. It also alerts the user when salat timings are near.  The new Live tile feature allows user to see the current days praying times on home screen without having to open the application.

we.Muslim : Worldwide Prayer Times & Qibla Direction Finder.

- Preloaded with 143 cities from many timezones (use if you don't have GPS coverage).

- Support Daylight Saving Time for US, Canada, Australia, and other countries (eg. it knows that US & Canada DST starts March 11 and ends November 4 and adjusts prayer times accordingly).

- Calculate Prayer Times from Latitude & Longitude (if your city is not listed in one of the 143 default cities).

- Automatic detection of Calculation Method (eg. if you're in USA, ISNA method will be used, if you're in Arabian Peninsula, Makkah method will be used).

- Supports 7 calculation methods: MWL, ISNA, Egypt, Makkah, Karachi, Tehran, Jafari (change method if suitable).

- Calculate prayer time for any day of the year (default: today, but you can check next week's prayer time too).

- Show Prayer Direction from True North, calculated from Latitude & Longitude of current location.

- Rotation of beautfiul background images on app startup (future version will allow these images to be saved as wallpaper).

BlackBerry 10 Apps :

Pray Time : This app calculates Muslims prayer times using the phone's location (latitude and longitude) and a Compass to show the Qibla direction. 

Islamic Prayer Times and Qibla Compass : The App shall show you: Accurate Prayer Timings for Salaah/Namaaz Qibla Direction (Compass pointing to Makkah)  App Features: Uses GPS and Location services! Various Calculation Methods - to calculate the Prayer Timings! Asr Calculation Method - shafi'i or hanafi calculations! Cities Covered - hundreds & thousands of cities included! Settings - to adjust prayer timings manually! Can Play Adhan - from Makkah, Madina, Al-aqsa and Egypt - (Requires Pro Version) 5 Beautiful Themes - for compass & prayer times to choose from! - (Requires Pro Version)

Call to Pray : Start using the Call to pray super application, which is full of smart features required for all Muslims in daily life. Application comes with a very beautiful Islamic look and feel through two amazing themes; you can choose which one matches your own style. Call to pray is actually a four applications inside one application: 1. Prayer times 2. Qibla direction 3. Azakr 4. Hijri calendar Call to pray features: . Gives you all prayer times based on your selected country and city or based on your current location using GPS . Reminds you with all prayer times .You have the availability to select the Adhans sound, you like. Also you can download extra Adhans sound . You can set the Iqama time and set Hadith and Duaa after each prayer .Shows you the Qibla direction for your selected country and city or for your current location using GPS . Automatically updates your prayer times and Qibla directions using GPS . Provides you with morning and evening azkar with the ability to listen to the audio of any Zekr. . You can set any Zekr to remind you for prayer or for any alarm. . Provides you with two calendars Hijri and Gregorian with the ability to switch between them. . You can add reminder, appointment….etc to the calendar  . Share prayer times over BBM, SMS, email or via face book.

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