Thursday 2 May 2013

Chinese rape, Chinese checkers or just plain vanilla imperialism from China

Chinese rape, Chinese checkers or just plain vanilla imperialism from China

There is a saying in hindi "Haathi ke daat dikhane ke aur hote hai, khaane ke aur" which essentially means that a elephant shows different teeth(tusks) and eats with different teeth.  This saying is apt in respect of the Peoples Republic of China.  What they tell seems to be far different from what they do.

For years after saying that it is not interested in any hegemonistic virtues, the old civilisation is finally showing its true colours.  Earlier in 2012 it was after the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands which are actually in the no mans land in the East China Sea.  Historically these islands were uninhabitated but of late due to discovery of oil the Chinese have started their imperialist land grabbing.  The Japan which also lays claim to the island started of by sending its Navy and in the later parts of the year by cutting of diplomatic relations with China.

The imperialist powers that rule China have now turned their eyes northwards towards the gigantic Himalayan plains.  As per recent reports its troops are squatting 19 km into the Indian territory.  This is the new age hegemonistic and imperial rulers of the Peoples Republic of China which deem insurgency to be a fit weapon. 

The areas which have been encroached upon are ice and glacier laden areas with no use for human habitat but the question remains why is China interested in these land parcels even after it has said that it does not have any hegemonistic tendencies.

This is the bitter truth of today's world, become your chief economic partner and f*** your a** from behind.  This is what China did to Japan and now this is what China is doing to India and this is what it will do to the US(in respect of North Korea) when the time comes.  It is known to the world that the mad cap leader of North Korea survives because of Chinese help and aid.  Every so often whenever the North Koreans need for money or aid in form of food grains, it starts rattling the war cry with the help of its toy nukes.  As always the US, Japan and the South Korea surrender meekly to this great black mail and give aid and food grains to the North Koreans which then keeps quite for next couple of years like a faithful pup. Why does North Korea succeed in its amoral ventures.  Because of the Chinese help, China is the main trading partner of all the three nations in question and they can't seem to make enemies out of the Chinese.

The Chinese have always had an eye for the Indian territories be it the Kashmir or the Arunachal Pradesh.  They have always denied the freedom to the Tibet since they usurped it and named it Tibetan Autonomous Region(TAR) to please the people of Tibet.  In reality, they have slowly and steadily started settling the Han Chinese into the Tibet and in few years to come the Tibetans will be a minority in their own land.    

What makes it even worse, is the Indian leadership or the lack of it it.  We Indians lack a good leader, we lack a good foreign policy and we lack good decision making.  The only leader with outstanding leadership we had was Mrs.Indira Gandhi, despite her emergency decision, she was the only leader who could answer the Chinese with a tit for tat policy.

But the leadership in place today has neither the will nor the whim to stop the Chinese affront.  In fact the leadership does not have a majority in the parliament and hence it is more worried about the elections looming ahead.  But rest assured if the government doesn't take any action soon, the Indian public are known to be unforgiving when it comes to the national pride.  We Indians tend to unite when the going gets tough and when our national honour is in question.  Surely the bosses in New Delhi know of this.

Mr.Narendra Modi, the PM in waiting should come out with a draft plan to deal with the Chinese insurgency and put it in public domain.  This will not only help him win credibility but also give the Chinese a earful.  Because at least they will know that some one is capable of taking them down.

What do you readers feel, should we take the Chinese insurgency lying down or should we face it, kindly write in your comments regarding the same.  If you like my views visit this page to read more.

Vijay Prabhu

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  1. bro .. I have had a post on same topic and even I am of the belief somehow , its Modi who can answer back all our neighbours who dare invading our lands and killing Indians in their Jails !!
    He is the need of the day !!
    This Speechless PMs ... and Silent Govts ... will remain losers and before we realize we will be captives of Chinese

  2. Yes I read your article, somehow I feel we have already lost what we had due to impotent policy but for futures sake we need somebody good at the helm


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