Monday 6 May 2013

Basking in the Sun and tooth decay have no connection? wrong read this and you will find out

Basking in the Sun and tooth decay have no connection? wrong read this and you will find out
Dental caries which is commonly called as tooth decay is a phenomenon which every individual suffers.  Many factors build up the tooth decay, your lifestyle, your sweet tooth, even your childhood chocolate habits and once the tooth decay sets in, it is pretty much irreversible.  However a team of researches with the Nutrition Reviews, under Dr.Phillipe Hujoel of University of Washington conducted a review into the causes of tooth decay.  The review which encompassed 24 clinical trials on more than 3000 children and started in 1920 to end in 1980.  

The aim of the review was to determine the real causes of dental decay. The research of the reviewers showed that those who were associated with Vitamin D had approximately 50 percent less incidence of tooth decay. 

Dr.Phillipe Hujoel who conducted the review said. "My main goal was to summarize the clinical trial database so that we could take a fresh look at this vitamin D question,." 

Everybody who is associated with the medical field knows that Vitamin D is a vital ingredient for supporting bone health but the effects of Vitamin D on the tooth have been historically disputed.  Way back in 1950 the American Dental Association had strongly opposed the view that Vitamin D was in any way related with dental decay.  

Even with the latest finding by Dr.Hujoel and his team,  the National Research Council, has marked the issue that Vitamin D carries fighting benefits against tooth decay as "unresolved."  Even the current reviews by the US Department of Human Health and Service jointly with American Dental Association could draw no relation between the Vitamin D and tooth decay.

However Dr.Hujoel is not worried, he adds that, "Such inconsistent conclusions by different organizations do not make much sense from an evidence-based perspective,"   His team of researchers reviewed increased vitamin D levels in children through the use of supplemental UV radiation or by supplementing the children's diet with cod-liver oil or other products containing the vitamin.

Dr.Hujoel reviewed the clinical trails in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Austria, New Zealand and Sweden. The trials were conducted in institutions, schools, medical and dental practices, and hospitals and the subjects were from ages 2 to 16 years.

Another medical personality familiar with the research, Dr.Michael Hollick, Professor, Boston University Medical Centre has also confirmed the link between Vitamin D and tooth caries.  Dr.Hollick said that, "the findings from the University of Washington reaffirm the importance of vitamin D for dental health." He went on to add that "children who are vitamin D deficient have poor and delayed teeth eruption and are prone to dental caries."

In view of the above study, readers are requested to increase their intake of Vitamin D through sun rays or other additives.  Children in the house, who now a days shun from playing outside, should be coaxed into letting their video games and internet go for a few hours a day and going out in the Sun, especially the rising Sun.  Proper dental care and grooming is a requirement which the parents should teach their children, through proper brushing techniques, using the right tooth paste and washing mouth after eating.  

Parents can visit the Healthy Speak blog to know the advantages of proper grooming and dental care.

The moral of the story is that the health of your teeth is in your hands, get some Sun, proper toothpaste and your teeth could last you a lifetime.

Vijay Prabhu

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  1. Interesting.Look what we are doing to ourselves today.Young girls travelling on their scooties wrap themselves tightly --only eyes are spared.Professionals prefer treadmills to open air walks.


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