Monday 25 March 2013

'X' Phone, Motorola and Google teaming up to take on S IV and Xperia Z

'X' Phone, Motorola and Google teaming up to take on S IV and Xperia Z

The Samsung Galaxy S IV and Sony Xperia Z have been launched, the Z has already been shipped by the manufacturers so can Motorola be expected to stay far behind.  The 'X' Phone to be manufactured by Motorola under assistance from Google which was rumoured to be out in July 2013 has been shelved and now Motorola and Google will be launching the 'X' Phone in November, 2013 according to the top mobile site Phonearena

Phonearena today reported that a tipster has tipped them of the 'X' Phone being launched in November, 2013.  Taking the front glass technology to a new high, the 'X' phone will feature a 4.8 inch sapphire glass.  This glass is supposed to 3 times harder than the Gorilla glass now available on high end smart phone.

Further it has been reported that the ends or the corners will have rubber bumpers to make them more sturdier and drop proof.  The rear panel will be made out of carbon fibre.  The 'X' phone will be powered by a quad core 2 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor.  

Motorola which has always been known for producing sturdy and durable phones will give this one a 4000 mAh battery.  That could be one of the highest rated batteries in current scenario.

The display is rumoured to be a end to end full HD display with sapphire glass and long lasting battery, which will suffice your movie watching or game playing needs.  Google and Motorola also plan to sport a Sony Exmore RS sensor which is currently powering Xperia Z.  The best news of all, especially for American buyers and users is that 'X' Phone will be sold unlocked.  Which means you can pick the phone up in the store and choose the carrier of your choice.  This may add costs to the phone but they may give US citizens liberty of choosing their own carrier.   This may act as a game changer in US markets which is dominated by sale of carrier locked phones. The recent DCMA ruling about unlocked phones being illegal may have influenced the thinking of the Google and Motorola guys.  

The rumours further add that the back panel of the phone may also be used to navigate the phone.  The Motorola logo which is behind may act as a button like in the Motorola backflip phone.  However as said above this may just be rumours but there is a 80 % chance that the above phone will see the light of the day by end 2013.  

Motorola wont take the competition lying down as Sony and Samsung surge ahead in smart phone sales.  Please post your comments on the article.

Vijay Prabhu

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