Wednesday 27 March 2013

Writing a Blog, don't fall for rankings, backlinks, SEO or SERPs

Writing a Blog, don't fall for rankings, backlinks, SEO or SERPs

Wondered what I meant or did I make a mistake in naming the article?  No, I named it correct.  Writing a blog is a passion and hobby to many people including me.   And when you surf the net you come across all sorts of people telling you how to create back links, improve your rankings on the Google Page Rank and many of the website offering SEO services for a fee.  If you are writing a good blog, the ranking and advertisement will follow you.

I have been writing this blog for 4 months now and I write it out of a sub conscious need of helping other human out in their various endeavors right from applying for Aadhaar Card, Indian National Passport to choosing a right phone or laptop.  In between I give a summary of the latest games, software available for your phones.  Sometimes I write about the latest gizmos available and last but not the least I sometimes warn you readers about the security aspects of the software.

In writing all these articles the simple idea is to help other people know something in plain vanilla language so they can easily understand the tech jargon and make their decisions suitably.  In course of writing this blog, I have become a member of Google +, Twitter, Facebook, Zinzz, Technorati, Bloggers, Topblogsites etc.  This, I had to do because a Blogger has to be as social as possible.  But when it comes to ranking and other SEO stuff, they just piss me off.

My belief in myself comes from the fact that if I give good content, I will get readers, no matter what SEO guys say.    But the page rank and SEO stuff is way over my head.  I think Google has started some sort of mini cottage industry with the SEO stuff with many sites giving out services at a charge and this mini cottage industry may run into billions of dollars.    Other than socializing on the social networking platform(which I like) I don't think blogger have to fall prey to all kind of gimmicks to get to the top of a google search page. 

As I have written elsewhere many a times, if your content is good, you are bound to get viewers.  I have seen and read many blogs which started with the right kind honest intentions but have fallen prey to what I call a crass commercialization and now their blogs just suck.    I honestly believe that as soon as money(or commerce) enters into any innocent venture, the innocence of the venture is lost.  And as more money enters the system the more the blogger becomes lazy and distant from his or her original intentions.  And it may seem pathetic but some blogs seem to write articles in support of the ads they display or write reviews of the products which give them commission.  

This may sound funny but that's the way it is. So write a blog from your where your heart is rather than from where your pocket is. Anyways these are my views and you may differ from it.  Do write in about what you feel about your blog and the SEO practices.

Vijay Prabhu.

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  2. Hi prabhu, thanks for sharing such informative post. Keeps on updating.


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