Tuesday 12 March 2013

Samsung S IV may be the last S series to run on Android?

Samsung S IV may be the last S series to run on Android?

Years ago in 2010, when the head of Samsung's mobile division launched Samsung Galaxy S series, instead of a single device he launched four different devices.  The names of the devices were Captivate, Vibrant, Fascinate and Epic 4G.  Samsung had to split the Galaxy S into four different phones to satisfy the four different networks in the US.  The experiment failed terribly because the phones were nothing to talk home about.  But on 14th March 2013, when the head of Samsung mobile stands out to the gallery in the Radio City Music Hall, there will be a billion heads watching the launch and the progress of the proceedings.  But some questions remain questions remain unanswered Will this Galaxy be the last one to run on Android operating system?

Ever since the Samsung has tied up with Google and brought out the phones based on Android OS it hasn't looked back.  The Samsung Galaxy S III has unseated the iPhone as the phone of choice in the US and other parts of the world.  One of every three smart phones sold in the world is a Samsung made device.  The CNET named Samsung Galaxy S III as the phone of the year for 2012.  Samsung has shipped 63.7 million smart phones in the fourth quarter of 2012 which a 76 % increase year on year.  The Apple in contrast so a rise of only 29% Y-o-Y with 47.8 million hand sets shipped during the same period.

But Samsung has been a little tentative of its relationship with Google.  It had to discard its Bada operating system in favour of Android and thereby lose a huge chunk of Bada dedicated fans.   It has continuously tried to outgrow the influence of Android on its smart phones after launching its own User Interface.  

The fact that Samsung Galaxy S IV will be a very innovative piece of engineering can be seen from the fact that it will be the first phone to have scroll to eye feature in it.  This essentially means that a sensor will track you retina and as you move your eyes down the screen of your phone, the page will start scrolling to keep up with your retina.  This will be a sure shot game changer given that now a days the phone display sizes are increasing by a inch every day.  

Despite having all the necessary innovations, Samsung is hamstrung with Android palate.  And this is obvious when you consider that Samsung is pushing hard for launch of Tizen phones.  Tizen is a Linux based open source operating system which was first developed by Intel and Samsung together but along the way Samsung lost interest in it and started relying on Android more and more.

But suddenly out of blue, Samsung has started quietly getting together the pieces of Tizen and is intent on launching the first Tizen based smart phone within the third quarter and at least 2 Tizen phones by end of this year.   Samsung unveiled the Tizen at this year MWC and the results were not that assuring for Samsung.  The critics and fans didn't like the feel of Tizen.  But this was just a prototype of what could be coming.

But considering the fact that Samsung is a world leader in the smart phone market, it should get its act together and come up with a original Samsung Tizen by September 2013.  If this experiment can pass the muster of the users, than it is natural that the S V to be launched, whenever it takes place will have Tizen aboard it.  

So does that mean that Android and Samsung are finished doing business together.  This only time will tell.  Maybe my predictions are coming true! Read this article here.

Please post your comments on this article and let me know your thoughts.

Vijay Prabhu

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