Saturday 16 February 2013

Whats wrong with Facebook users? Are they trusting too much

Whats wrong with Facebook users?  Are they trusting too much

Really, I find it strange that you believe a complete stranger on Facebook, so much that you are willing to lend money or get fleeced by one of your 'Friends' on Facebook.  I have lots of 'Friends' on Facebook but this is taking the word 'TRUST' to the entire new level.

The Facebook is actually a social networking site, where you post your views, opinions, likes and dislikes.  It is a great place to make friends, find new friends in far off places like US, Russia or elsewhere.  But after all that it is just a social networking site.  These friends that we make are unknown individual to us other than their profile, which incidentally is created by them.  

I have known people perform Photoshop on their own images so that they can look great on Facebook profile.  That apart, many of us don't know the 'Friends'  we make over Facebook personally are really like.  There a few exceptions though.  Good Friends always filter through to you.  

The latest in the Facebook 'Friends' con was a lady in Mumbai.  She and a man met through Facebook.   Certain web chemistry worked between the two and they became Friends.  Now the man in question posed as a 'Naval' Officer in Malaysian Navy.  

The 'Naval' officer's ship was in distress and sinking and he had a lot of money which he wished transfer to his relatives, before anything could happen to him.  This was conveyed via Facebook by the 'Naval' officer to his 'Friend' in Mumbai.  So moved was she by the plight of the officer, she agreed to help him out.  

The Naval officer than told the lady that a parcel would arrive in her name containing the money.  So far so good.  Noble intentions on both the 'Friends' part is truly amazing.  

A few days later the women got a call from a person claiming to be a Senior Customs Officer with Malaysian Customs.  He told her that they had received a parcel in her name which contained a lot of foreign currency.  The caller said as sending currency through Malaysia was illegal, she would have to pay customs duty on the parcel.  He gave the lady a A/c number to deposit the money.  The good samartian deposited around Rs.18.00 lakhs in that account on the Custom officials say so and waited for the parcel to arrive.

A few day later she got another call, this time from a man claiming to be with the Mumbai Customs.  He repeated the same story about the foreign currency being illegal in India and told her to pay Customs duty on it.  He too gave her a A/C number to deposit the money. 

Again the good lady fell for it and deposited Rs.5.00 lakhs in the account provided by the gentleman.   And the parcel containing the foreign currency is yet to come.  

She smell the con and complained to the Police but tell me what can Police do in such matters.  You have been conned for your absurdity in accepting all the things your 'Friend' claimed never once questioning him, if he can send the parcel to you, why couldn't he send the same to his family.  

Then you deposit money in account numbers provided by total strangers without verifying with anybody if Customs Department in both the countries indeed have such a facility of depositing the money in bank remotely to clear customs.  I doubt this.  

Anyways after losing close to Rs.23.00 lakhs for the 'Friend' now she hopes the Police will do something and recover the amount.  Both the Navy man and Customs officials, dummy ones at that, may now be enjoying the spoils of their latest exploit somewhere under the sun.

This is height of trust you can have on a unknown person who claims to be your 'Friend' by a click of button.  I don't know whom to blame the lady or Facebook.  Obviously Facebook has nothing to do with this issue other than being a facilitator between the two friends as it has been between me and my Friends.  

Please think and decide before you embark on any such 'Friend'ships over social networking.  Trust only those whom you know.  You may also like a article about how your like reveals more than you think.

Have you been fooled by any of your Facebook 'Friends'  Please post your tale or please comment on the plight of the lady in question.

Vijay Prabhu

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  1. I liked this post.

  2. This post is very nice and well-written.Everybody must read it and should be alert.Facebook users should share this story with their friends to stop such misuse of this network.

  3. So sad, I don't believe this... "Blind Trust" is fatal


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