Thursday 7 February 2013

Ubuntu smart phones coming this year, modders and devlopers can have fun

Ubuntu smart phones coming this year, modders and devlopers can have fun

A very good news for modders, flashers, game developers and just plain experimenting guys, the Ubuntu smart phone is coming this October. Mark Shuttleworth, the founder and CEO of Canonical Ltd., said yesterday that smart phones running on open source operating system UBUNTU will be available to customers in October, 2013.

Canonical Ltd. is a service provider for Ubuntu open source software.  He also added that Application developers will have access to the operating system in late February.  The OS has been optimized for Galaxy Nexus handset manufactured by Samsung Electronics Co of South Korea.  However Mr.Shuttleworth declined to name any specific handset manufacturer who will market the Ubuntu phones.

Ubuntu is a Linux-based operating system used to run servers and other infrastructure in many corporate IT departments is  developers delight across the world due to its open environment.   Having Ubuntu on smart phone and tablets means linking this technology from high end architecture like server to low end smart phone without any generational loss.

“You can share Windows apps to the phone desktop,” said Mr. Shuttleworth during a meeting in New York Tuesday. Which in essence means that what you can use on your desktop will be available to you on your smart phone.  As of now in Windows or Mac, applications run on desktop can't be run on smart phone.  Therefore there are different versions of same application distinctly published use on specific device.

Some hardware and application vendors, including General Dynamics Corp. and Citrix Systems Inc. , are developing handsets that can provide such an access to corporate data, but have yet to make a break through.

Mr. Shuttleworth said the new phone operating system will be available in two large geographic markets in October, he said North America is “absolutely a key market for Ubuntu.”

So now by the end of the year the six players smart phone and tablet operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Firefox, Tizen and now Ubuntu will race for the finish line.   The Facebook mobile is in the pipeline and will see the light of the day by end March 2014.   Therefore next year we are going to see a lot of mixing and churning in mobile operating system with a lot of mergers and acquisitions.  

Only the popular OS and the ones with deep pockets will survive the race.  I have not counted in BB10 and Symbian, as I assume, their days are numbered given lack of innovation and sticking to the old age design.  With Android remaining a hot favourite I count of Ubuntu to make a dent in the top OS by end of 2015, if it is as good with the smart phones as it is with our office server.

Please post your comments on this articles/post your view on this subject.

Vijay Prabhu

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