Friday 4 January 2013

Tutorial for acquiring Indian National Passport

I wanted to apply for a INDIAN NATIONAL PASSPORT therefore started searching websites for relevant information and to my dismay there wasn't a single site which could give me a comprehensive guide to acquiring the Passport.  Therefore this is my effort to make things easier for you.  Kindly follow the steps mentioned in the tutorial and acquiring the Passport is a piece of cake(that is if you havn't done anything foolish)

Tutorial for acquiring Indian National Passport
After the success of my Tutorial for downloading Aadhaar Card, I am giving you a tutorial for getting the Indian National Passport without any hassles.

First of all there are three different types of Passports issued by Indian Government, Red for Diplomatic personnel, White for Government Officials and Purple one for us ordinary people.  I am giving the steps for acquiring the Purple colour passport.

First and foremost go to the Ministry of External Affairs website for Passport here.  On the main page choose your location,  there are the following locations available on the website.  Choose the nearest one to you.


On the right hand side there is a New User log in page create a new user account giving your current active email.  Once you have created your user id, log into the website and press issue of a New Passport.  There three options in the window.  One is for downloading the form, second one is for uploading the form and third is the one for filling up the form online.  Use the third option if you don't have your own secure desktop and Internet connection.  If you have own desktop and secure connection download the application from the site or from here.  Once you have downloaded the form fill it and save it.  It will be saved in .xml format.  Once it is saved upload it using the second option.  If you make any mistakes during both the processes don't fear you can always correct the form while appearing at the Passport Office or Passport Seva Kendra(PSK). 

Lets assume you have filled the form, now  upload the same to the website.

The next part is to take an appointment at the nearest PSK to your location.   This can be done by clicking Locate  the nearest PSK tab to view the nearest PSK. Note down the address on a paper, you will be required to go there for verification of your documents.

Click on View Saved/Submitted Applications Tab in the Home window.  Here you will get 5 options 

Retrieve Partially Saved FormUpload Supporting Documents
Manage Appointment Print Application Receipt
View Status
Click on Manage Appointment, in this window give your preferred PSK location.  The website will give you a list of dates available for you.  You choose the date most preferable to you.  Remember the date should be 90 days within the date you uploaded the form. 

Next Print Application Receipt.  This receipt is the gatepass when you approach the PSK without it the watchmen wont allow you inside the PSK premises, therefore keep this safe and secure.

There is no need to upload supporting documents.  I uploaded the same and then found out later that they were unnecessary.

Keep following documents in original ready with two photocopies each.  There is no need for attestation from any authority.

1.  Birth Certificate/School Leaving Certificate mentioning your date of birth.  (This is absolutely mandatory)  : Proof of Birth date
2. Matriculation/HSC/Graduation Certificate for ECNR : Proof for ECNR
 3.  Bank Passbook/Statement signed by the Bank authorities/Election Card/Phone(Land Line/Mobile) bill/Electricity Bill (The more you carry the better) :  Proof of Address

This is all you need as proof, there is no requirement of photographs.  You opt for the 4.00 pm appointment as the rush is less at that time and you will be home by 7.00 pm. 

When you enter the PSK you will be asked to submit the photocopies (in duplicate please) and  pay the amount prescribed.  Here you are photographed(Give your best pose/if your don't like the Image tell the person to take another one).  You can also tell the person manning the counter to alter any mistake done by you while uploading the form/filling the online application.  The person will show you the details, kindly verify the spelling etc. as the same will be printed on your passport.  A receipt will be issued to you for amount paid by you.

After that there are two stages of verification.  Everywhere original documents are to be shown.  Any mistake pointed out by the officer will lead you back to the first counter or back to your residence for correction.  Finally the accepting Authority will sign your application and you will be given a receipt.  That's it.

The Passport generally arrives within a week by SpeedPost.  They generally send you a SMS and email alerting you about the delivery.  Be at home to receive your Passport.  Mine came on 5th day and the email and SMS arrived a day later.

Tatkal will only speed up the verification process at PSK from 3 hours to approximately 1 hour.  Rest all the procedure is the same. 

So go get your Indian National Passport.

Hope you liked the tutorial, if you need any info/have any comments please give them below.  I will try to answer all your queries/comments. 

Vijay Prabhu


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  2. This is just i was looking for.

  3. :)Its Not that much easy. :p
    Nice smiles :-b

  4. Hey,

    U didst mention anything about police verification process :P

    1. Sir, the Police Verification takes atleast a week and requires all your papers in order as well as two witness from your neighbourhood.

      I didnt mention the police verification process here because it varies from region to region. Hope this helps you :)

  5. Very Helpful.
    If a woman married to another person after formally divorced and she used surname of first marriage at all official purpose of a central Government employee i.e. official work she has not change her title. But after remarriage her husband mentioned her surname as her father surname and her new husband surname in the passport. Now may I know what document will be required to apply for passport for her case.
    For Visa can she visit with her official surname if invitation on official surname?

    1. Thanks for your compliments but sorry Anon I couldn't get you, so cant help you. But note the following : A woman can keep any name she wants and a Visa is issued based on Passport so She will have to file a affidavit saying she is same one.

  6. i stay at hostel,is it necessary to submit temporary address proof or permanent address proof is sufficient

  7. Hey Prashant your permanent address proof is sufficient.


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