Saturday 19 January 2013

'Strum' Video sharing App for iOS just like Instagram shares images

'Strum' Video sharing App for iOS just like Instagram shares images

INSTAGRAM revolutionised the creativity of smart phone users with its filters and then letting them share it to their friend and relatives.  Smule, a publisher who has published STRUM hopes to do the same to videos.

All iPhone, iPod and iPad users who want to turn into huge Music Video stars overnight and show it to the world now have publishers Smule to thank to.  Smule has released a App called Strum which lets you shoot a video of yourself  with your iPhone, iPad and iPods rear as well front camera and then add visual and audio effects.  This edited video then can be shared with the world.  

Alternatively you can import or download a already shot video and then add the audio and video effects to it before sharing it online.

Whats more, the App itself is FREE along with around 20 of these filters.  

For starter try a filter called "Unplugged" it plays acoustic Guitar with your words, while "Flow" adds hip-hop tune to your words.  Together you get a beautiful melody with your voice.  Now add grain-like visual effects seen in most of the music videos.   You have become the latest superstar on Billboard 100

You can also "Remix" your words creating the scratching effect.  Other filters include a "Retro" which gives Instagram like Polaroid look, snow falling for a Christmas, high contrast options.

If you would like to take your creativity further the company has additional filter for which you have to pay $0.99(Rs.55.00).

The filters that can be purchased are 
1. Century Filter
2. Ecstasy Filter
3. Suetorp Filter
4. Xmas lov Filter
5. First Kiss Filter
6. Xmas Jingle Filter
7. Punk Filter
8. Xmas Wish Filter
9. Xmas Tree Filter
10. Riff Filter

Though Riff and Unplugged are almost similar.  

If you don't have the creativity regarding audio and video, fear not. Just record your self, save the video and upload it to the Smule Community to share with others.  The community is like every online community but instead of "Like" you have to "Heart" a video if you like one.    You can then tweet it on Twitter or share it on Facebook.

The community is already growing big with 969414 users and counting as of now.

There is only flaw with the App, it tends to freeze and you have to restart the App.  But in the meantime the unsaved videos are lost forever.  However Smule is expected to come up with a update to address this issue.

Download Strum here.  It is compatible with almost all iOS phones but requires iOS 6.0 or later.  
'Strum' Video sharing App for iOS just like Instagram shares images                     'Strum' Video sharing App for iOS just like Instagram shares images

A video of the App

Hope you like the app, it ought to be a game changer just like Instagram was.  Post your comments/suggestion on the App.  I will keep you posted of any updates by Smule.  Twitter has gone ahead and launched a similar service called Vine for its users.  Read the full article about Vine here.

Vijay Prabhu

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