Monday 21 January 2013

Nothing Sporting about our most cherished sports persons

Over the years we have idolised sport person and many young people hold their favourite sports man or woman as their ideal.  But looking a the videos below would give make you ask yourself as to are our sportmen really worthy ideals for our generation.
Nothing Sporting about the our most cherished sports persons
Zinedine Zidane was my favorite footballer who had helped win France a 1998 Football World Cup on his own.  I and many of my generation idolised Zidane, given his poor migrant background and coming all the way from nowhere to help win France the world cup.  But are Mr.Zidane and his ilk worth idolising?  I am listing you videos of the famous sports persons and their not so famous activities on  the field.

Zinedine Zidane, as mentioned above, rose to unseen heights after 1998 Football world cup, but the same man brought shame to the beautiful game of football in the 2006.  He was red carded and sent off  during the 2006 Finals in a game versus Italy, for head butting Marco Matterazi in the chest. 
This is the video of the incident:

Next one in my list of non super heroes is Javed Miandad.  Indians may love him or hate him but Javed was Javed.  He rose to glory after hitting a SIX of Chetan Sharma of the last ball in Sharjah to win the game for Pakistan.  He was and is idolised by millions of Indian and Pakistani fans world over.  But look at the two videos below and you will change your opinion about him.  One is from a game against India nd the other is from a game against Australia.

And if you think this happens only in Cricket you will change your opinion after watching this videos.

And if you thought that Americans sports persons were gentlemen and their sports are not touched by this kind of incident you have got to see this!


If you think this only happens in Baseball in USA look at these videos of NBA watch Shaquille fighting it out
and look at this

and those who think ICE is cool have never seen this video before!

My intentions are not to spoil the name of Sport but I just intend to bring the above aberrations to your notice so that we get a clean clean sport and our future generations may continue to want to be a Jesse Owens who showed the true human spirit in the 1936  Olympics to mostly partisan Nazi crowd and Hitler himself or Mohammad Ali, Sachin Tendulkar, Carl Lewis, Pele, Michael Phelps, Dhyan Chand, Milkha Singh etc..


I almost forgot, this one is the latest of the fracas created by Shane Warne and Marlon Samuels.  Watch the bat fly.  It could have grievously injured the person fielding in the infield.  This is not expected of a sports person who once held the record for most wickets in Test Match.

Post your comments suggestions on the sportsmanship and future of our kids.  The videos shown above are taken from Youtube and thanks to millions of uploaders doing a splendid job

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Vijay V Prabhu

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